We believe anyone can be a scientist regardless of race, skin colour, nationality, gender identity, sexuality, disability, or age.  We believe black lives matter.  We welcome students from all countries and oppose systematic efforts to block immigration.

We are committed to diversity, in all its forms. We believe that embracing diversity is a moral imperative, but we note that diversity is also our strength.  We recognize this as a scientifically supported fact that diverse teams are more productive and creative.

We are committed to creating opportunity for and amplify the voices of under-represented minorities in STEM.  We acknowledge the need to actively support disadvantaged groups because they have not been afforded the same privileges and we actively reject the idea that this support constitutes discrimination against historically dominant groups in science.

We aim to create an inclusive, safe and welcoming lab environment for all groups.  We pledge to address discrimination and micro-aggressions with active intervention, with the understanding that all of us have room to grow.

We promote mental health and wellness.  We understand that graduate school and postdoctoral fellowship is mentally taxing.  We are here to help and support each other, and we actively encourage failure as part of the scientific process.